Historically we started in Jakarta urban Kemang area in 2004 by Mony Suriany, a yoga devotee, as a Bikram-inspired studio.
Our passion is to share the wonderful joy of yoga. Together, we hope to find balance, connect with like-minded others and ease lives through many paths of yoga. Hence, we have grown and evolved to a big community with 3 studios and qualified instructors.
We believe that yoga is the key to leading an inspiring life; that is why we specialize in what we do and strive to deliver you the best yoga experiences possible.
Yoga@42 was created to enable anyone of all levels to practice yoga in the clearest and inspiring way with quality instructors. We embrace all forms of practice. To achieve this, our teachers come from a broad range of yoga disciplines.
We would love to have everyone leave our studio feeling light, confident and inspired. We hope our yoga community continues to grow and helps deepen our experiences of yoga, both on and off the mat.
Why Yoga@42 Indonesia?

Joining the membership in any Yoga@42 studio will allow you to practice any type of yoga that best suits you. We offer a variety of yoga practices for anyone at any level.

Business Opportunity
For any inquiries, please send your email to: hello@ubudyogacentre.com