Our studio is a welcoming home for people of any age or fitness level wanting to experience the happiness of Yoga.

Choose the right practice for you, whether it’s a vigorous flow class, a hot sweaty class, a relaxing slow session, mind-body connection practice, or even a gong meditation session.

We know first time yogis or visitors practicing in a new studio can be a scary experience, but we’re all about making it easy, accessible, and fun for you as you set off on your yoga journey with us.

Through our classes, workshops, trainings and events, we encourage you ti be healthy, happy and connect with yourself, others in the community and the environment.

Feel free to drop in to any class, at any time, without advance notice. Or you can join our regularly scheduled yoga retreats – workshops – holidays – and trainings lead by world-renowned, certified teachers.

We look forward to welcoming you to explore yourself at Ubud Yoga Centre!