Planet Frequency

Do you have the “Right Vibe?” You’re body tunes in to the earth’s frequency and has a faster ability to heal itself around nature. Because the planet’s frequency has been rising, we [...]

How to be in Flow?

Do you feel like your flowing at the moment? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t and can feel tense, frustrated, anxious – just plane out of sorts and unbalanced. My favourite song of 2016 has [...]

I Have Herniated Discs

Can I still do forward bends if I have degenerative disc disease (or bulging or herniated discs). Generally, doctors recommend not doing forward bends with such conditions. With degenerative disc [...]


1. Kundalini Yoga teaches you how to gain a strong immune system, vital glands, a strong nervous system and good circulation. All of which will make you look and feel younger! 2. Kundalini Yoga [...]


It is best if we do not listen to or look at the person whom we consider to be the cause of our anger. Like a fireman, we have to pour water on the blaze first and not waste time looking for the [...]