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Shamanic Breath & Sound Workshop

August 26, 2019


A very profound healing tool using a connected, circular breathing technique to reach deeper levels of consciousness and activate self-healing mechanisms. The process itself will take you wherever in consciousness you need to go for greater clarity, healing, empowerment, and transformation

A guided Visualisation meditation which allows us to enter in contact with the wisdom of our Higher Self and our Spirit Guides, to receive healing and practical information to change our lives. Accompanied by the beat of the drum, you will be guided to expand your consciousness, so that you are able to listen to your intuition and the messages of your Spirit Guides. – Note: only the drum and the voice of the shamanic practitioner will be used to help you experience the shamanic journey. No plant medicines or other substances are used.

This workshop is a powerful combination of SHAMANIC JOURNEY & BREATHWORK

Release & Manifest
“By choosing your thoughts, and by selecting which emotional currents you will release and which you will reinforce, you determine the quality of your Light. You determine the effects that you will have upon others and the nature of the experiences of your life.” ~Gary Zukav

Reality begins in our thoughts. We manifest in our life the thoughts we have planted in our minds. Do you pay conscious attention to your thoughts and your emotions, or you let them rule your life? Do you make conscious effort to grow positive attitudes? Is your reality as you wish it to be? Are you expressing your full potential and living your life purpose? Perhaps you are very close to it, but you still need to let go something that is blocking you, that is holding you back. Or perhaps you need to plant new qualities in your heart, so that they can manifest into your life and allow you to live a deeper life.

About Us :
An experienced Breathwork facilitator and a Shamanic Practitioner with experience in leading shamanic journeys and ceremonies, will create and hold a sacred space where you will feel safe to explore your soul desires, find your life purpose, let go what is holding you back and plant the seeds of a new empowering reality.

Price : 300k

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged due to limited space

No heavy eating 2 hours prior to the workshop
No prior breathwork or meditation experience needed.


August 26, 2019
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