In her prior life, Mony, who has MBA degree from Indiana University, was working for multinational companies in USA, Europe and Asia. After years of overworking and demanding career, she is a reformed Financial Analyst/Auditor turned yogini. The major breakthrough was a terrible accident that left her with a fractured right shoulder and a dislocated knee. Regardless of verdict by doctors to undergo surgery, she used her yoga practice as alternative healing for physical, emotional wounds. It was a painful and long process, but it was rewarding at the end.

Having experienced how her health, body, and mind have improved after practicing Bikram Yoga, she decided it was the one for her and went on to follow her passion. She has studied and certified to teach many styles of yoga.

She is in the mission of sharing her passion and helping out students to experience the life changes as the one she had. Hence she opened the first Yoga studio in Jakarta in 2004, Yoga@42 Bikram Yoga Jakarta.

“I want to create community and place for teachers, practitioners and people who need a place to escape the realities of their days while getting healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually”.

Over a period of 15 years, Mony has expanded her yoga offerings beyond where she began. Now Yoga@42 Indonesia (Bikram Yoga Jakarta) & Ubud Yoga Centre are not just certified bikram yoga studios, but expanded into a few brands to include other styles of yoga, yoga merchandise and organic lifestyle products, as well as different locations across Jakarta and Bali.

Now a mother of three amazing daughters, “who remind me about what really matter in life, and aware to the gift of laughter, unconditional love, gratitude, patience and Joy”, she is still actively expanding and growing yoga communities in Indonesia. She is a yoga teacher/pioneer/business woman, featured in many publications such as National TVs, Magazines and Newspaper in Indonesia.