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Do you have the “Right Vibe?”
You’re body tunes in to the earth’s frequency and has a faster ability to heal itself around nature. Because the planet’s frequency has been rising, we can easily feel ‘out of touch with ourselves’.

Did you know that our PLANET has its own HEARTBEAT?
The planet has its own frequency that it beats to, its own VIBRATION.
•    How does being outside with nature compare to being inside and office?
•    Do you feel happier, care-free and more in touch with yourself outside in nature?
This isn’t just in your mind, you’re not making it up… there is a science behind it. You’re body tunes in to the earth’s frequency and has a faster ability to heal itself around nature.
However, the planet’s frequency has been RISING, we can easily feel ‘out of touch with ourselves’.

The Science behind it all…
In 1953, Professor W.O. Schumann of the University of Munich discovered that the Earth’s cavity produces very specific pulsations; the vibrational pulse of planet Earth. In 1954 Dr, Schumann and his assistant confirmed the Earth’s frequency of 7.83 Hz.
The frequency of our planet has been rising higher ever since. Specifically around 2014, the planet’s frequency rose to around 8.45 Hz and most recently up to 16.5 Hz.
Because of this we can feel ‘out of touch with our natural state’ due to strong frequency surrounding us.
There is a lot of deep science as to WHY…
•    Correlation to human brainwave activity – this means we are changing and our thought process literally makes an impact on our frequency (i.e. vibrational field)
•    Our Earth’s magnetic field has been slowly weakening for the past 2,000 years, and even more so in the last few years
•    Impact from our solar system and the planetary alignment (Full Moon, New Moon)
While the science is still discovering WHY… it is proven that there is an acceleration of the planet’s frequency.
To learn more about the science behind all this, check

How does this impact YOU?
Everything is a vibration. You and I are a VIBRATION. We are made up of a vibration that is measured with FREQUENCY. So, yes, YOU are a WALKING VIBRATON.

Think about it…
•    VIBE OF A ROOM: Have you ever walked into a ROOM and felt the ENERGY? Perhaps it was tense and heavy, or light and happy.
•    SMELLS: The smell of chocolate chip cookies (for most people) has a light and happy sent and vibration associated with it, while the smell of gasoline or burning pesticides can smell heavy, thick, suffocating.
VIBRATIONAL differences is what is occurring.  Since everything is vibration, then you’re…
•    COLOR
…all have different vibrations. Some are a high vibrational frequency and some are a lower vibrational frequency.
Therefore, your environment, food, surroundings and our planet have a direct impact YOUR OWN VIBRATION.
Remember what it is like to be at an airport during the holidays when it is crowded and flights are canceled?
•    Tension often creates the vibration we feel and encounter.
•    Once we leave that environment and go into a peaceful home, temple, monastery or environment, we can immediately feel calm, relaxed and grounded.
How can you re-set YOUR VIBE?
•    Get in touch with NATURE
•    Plant veggies, fruit or flowers in your garden
•    Buy plants or flowers for your home
•    Get outside and run, play, laugh
•    Walk with friend, play a sport, play with animals, take a yoga class
•    Write and say Positive Affirmations
•    Cook healthy food with a friend
•    Sing your favorite song OUTLOUD
•    Listen to your favorite music
•    Take a Sound Healing class
Bring awareness to how you feel in your environment. Consciously, put yourself in environments and around people that feel ‘light’, ‘happy’ and that ‘you feel a natural connection with.’

Kristen Firpo
Sound Healer

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