How to Use Vulnerability as Strength

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Your vulnerable, raw and uniqueness can become opportunities for you to feel at home with who you are, to deepen and strengthen your connection to your amazing uniqueness and look at vulnerability as a chance to share authentically, from your heart, anchoring and deepening your connection to yourself self and others.

Today we’re going to dive into that idea of revealing ourselves more, because it is so easy in this fast paced ‘perfectionistic' world to often hide many aspects of ourselves away because we are uncertain of people's reactions, thoughts, feeling + ‘being seen' and not ‘being good enough'.

The moment you realise you can't control the story other people will create in their mind about you, the moment you will set yourself free.

So when we come from a place of certainty around our self and honouring who we are and how we naturally are, that's when what you desire comes into your life more quickly than you can imagine. This is because you have cleared the blocks to your natural radiance, purity and innocence and so you have become a clear channel of pure divine imperfect perfection!

Ready to get into this with me? Read the blog to get some handy suggestions for how to walk forward with embracing yourself more a channelling your vulnerabilities as strength.

I hope this serves you.

Alexis is an International Yoga Teacher and therapist, who also established a boutique Kundalini studio in Sydney and online Yoga Lifestyle platform Yoga Meditation She helps enable women to reconnect with their natural state of Inner Worth & Happiness so they can live their purpose and radiate from within.

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