Kundalini’s rising in Ubud 

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Ubud, Bali, known by many as one of the eclectic yoga hubs of the world, where seekers flock from all walks of life to this little island, surrounded by the healing element of water, often on a quest of the soul, perhaps known or unknown.

Flash back to one year ago, i was hustling in Sydney, had opened my own yoga and therapy studio, working hard to make my dreams a reality. Something was off, things weren't flowing, the energy didn't feel right. The messages were coming through to leave Sydney again, but I had been travelling and teaching for the past two years and felt the need be grounded, so where would I go, was this the right decision or perhaps my adventurous nature taking over? I asked and the universe responded, the call from the spirit of mother Bali had been received through a dear friend telling me to attend the Bali Spirit Festival. My heart burst open when asked to attend, so I took yet another leap of faith and packed my life up in a suitcase, partly closed down my business, took a deep breath and yet again trusted in the mystery and magic of life.

A truck load of Lulu lemon leggings and a mountain of raw vegan kale smoothies later, the message cemented in my ears from many yogis of Ubud, yes, ‘where is all the Kundalini Yoga'? And I too began to ponder the question. At first I felt disappointed, I thought i'd be surrounded by many Kundalini classes, after all Ubud is one of the ‘meccas' of yoga; I was puzzled. I envisioned myself enmeshed, soaking into the deep healing current of the ‘Ong Namo', like a type of sound healing quick sand.

Some weeks passed and reality set in, I accepted this fact, however the feelings of disappointment turned into soft whispers of opportunity. Perhaps my heart had sent me here, on a deeper mission than the conscious mind could fathom.

As i floated around The Bali Spirit Festival completely high and zenned out from the recent 20+ classes and deep heart connections of my growing Ubudian tribe, my Anahata Chakra burst open again and this time even more intensely as Mony Suriany approached me (owner of Ubud Yoga Centre) and said “Hi Alexis… would you like to teach Kundalini at my new studio in Ubud i'm opening.” I remember my exact words said with total bliss and passion, straight from the heart “I'd love to!!”.

Sometimes life doesn't seem to make sense. We question why things are the way they are, we think we know how they should be. But really, do any of us even have the slightest clue as to why we are even here? So how can we say things shouldn't be this way or that way?

Life is a mystery, a journey, an experience. And I wholeheartedly believe our Anahata Chakra (heart) somehow already knows the path(s) we are to take. It's up to us to use our free will and let the messages be received and acted upon.

Today i taught at 9am, and it was coincidentally as i write this article our biggest class yet, 18 students showed up and committed to the 90 minute practice of spine twisting, chanting, meditating, rapidly breathing, bowing, dancing, shaking, stretching and resting to the healing sounds of the gong.

Will you take a leap of faith, will you step into the magic and mystery of life? If you would like to say hi in person or even delve into the powerful magic and mystery of Kundalini yoga and your Anahata chakra, drop by sometime, you'll find me chanting ‘Ong Namo' most day's at Ubud Yoga Centre, spreading the Heart Energy far and wide. When we bow the head to the heart like so many Balinese do every day, we move further into a life of devotion, humility, radiance, ease and grace.

Alexis is an International Yoga Teacher and therapist, who also established a boutique Kundalini studio in Sydney and online Yoga Lifestyle platform Yoga Meditation Sound.com. She helps enable women to reconnect with their natural state of Inner Worth & Happiness so they can live their purpose and radiate from within.

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