How To Be More Naturally Creative + Energised and Not Burnt Out?

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I’ve just recently spent a week at The Awakened Woman’s Conference here in Ubud, Bali. It was truly magical and I learnt something which cannot be taught it must be experienced. I arrived and left a different person because of this amazing experience. In Kundalini Yoga we call it the Yoga of awareness or you could say experience because it allows us to not just intellectually take information in but to experience an energy, our true essence, a force that lies within us all the time, a feeling perhaps we haven’t felt for years since we were young and uninhibited.

I invite you to take a moment when you are busy ‘trying’ to achieve things, pushing yourself to exhaustion, forcing your body, mind or soul into things when it is screaming NO. Because I had been doing this my whole life, I was out of alignment and not in flow.

So what does in flow mean? For me it means moving from force to power. Everyone of us has so much inner delicate energy here to share with the world, however we can become distracted and overwhelmed by the outer world that we forget our inner world and start to come from a place of forced struggle where we are constantly trying to be enough, make enough, share enough and never feel satisfied because we are caught in an endless cycle of ‘not enough’.

The KEY is relaxation and acceptance for what is. Being in your body, when you are in this state of being your energy can flow. And when energy can flow we can flow with life just like the trees flow in the wind.

So how to get into this place?

1. Focus in on yourself, stop looking around at the cafe at who’s looking at you, and focus on how you feel in yourself?
2. Breathe long, slow and deep from below your belly button (diaphragm.)
3. Relax. Move from your toes to your head and notice where the tension lies and send it gratitude, accept there is tension and know that these are messages communicating something. Show respect, love and appreciation for how your body feels.
4. Remember how you felt as a child, so curious and excited about the world. What did you used to want to be? A fireman, hairdresser, astronaut. That is our soul wanting to express, connect back to that inner, divine, innocent energy (force) and know you have nothing to prove, it is waiting to come out from inside to be shared with the world.
5. Stop worrying about what other people will think. We can never ever know what anyone else is thinking, and what they are thinking is a story they are creating in their mind, so we can never control it. Once we surrender to our true essence, we can relax and share from a place of accepting and loving our self. Our energy can shift from force (trying) to power (flow.)
6. Accept where you are at. Look back at how far you have come and know all the answers lie within each and every one of us.
Be Bold. Be Beautiful. BE YOU.

Sat Nam,
Alexis xxxx


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