Why ‘Experience’ is Essential to Transform Your Life 

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Kundalini yoga is known as the yoga of awareness, or in other words ‘experience' because it cuts straight in to your inner world. Mantras are played along with moving your body, breathing, relaxing and meditating so the sound (energy/vibration) has a chance to permeate deep within and provide a profound experience.

Perhaps it can be related to the time you were at school for many years and then you went overseas and travelled maybe by yourself for the first time to a totally different culture. This ‘experience' changed something inside. You returned home different, transformed because the ‘experience' was more powerful, more profound than reading or being lectured to because these methods of teaching are only allowing you to experience life through the mind, it is linear, logical and life isn't linear and logical, it is a mystery, the truth is none of us really know why we are even on this planet.

Because this life is a mystery, when we embrace the illogical, unusual, mysterious world perhaps through ‘strange' poses, unusual chanting, different hand positions and new ways of breathing and meditating, we give our self a chance to have a visceral ‘experience', something completely new enters our existence, and subsequently we open up space within. We grow, transform and alchemise like never before because we were given an opportunity of relating to our deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect.

Kundalini yoga allows you to incorporate new elements into your life which powerfully move, release and transform energy. You may have noticed that you naturally have more energy on a full moon. It’s very good to use this energy to cleanse, rather than using it unproductively. We can use this increase of energy to move forward and  accelerate healing on all levels.

When the moon is full our glandular system is under pressure and so it is a great time to engage in activities to release this ‘pressure', reset, create space and drastically improve our lives. When this pressure is not released we can easily feel restless, angry, confused in everyday life even if things are moving smoothly.

As the moon relates to our deeper consciousness we can, during the phase of full or new moon, work on an emotional level and cleanse, let go, complete and transform. And Kundalini Yoga is one of the most powerful technologies we have to reflect and reset, uplift and heal because it provides us with a direct experience.

If you would like to welcome a powerful and deeply transformative experience into your life join us for a night of Kundalini Yoga incorporating movement, breathing, Hatha postures, chanting, meditating, sound healing, home made chai and uniting together in community spirit for the upcoming Full Moon Workshop at Ubud Yoga Centre on Thursday January the 12th 6 – 8.30pm. Celebrate and leverage from the powerful moon energies to achieve your intentions for 2017, reserve your place via ubudyogacentre.com

For more information about Alexis Hannagan who teaches Kundalini Yoga at Ubud Yoga Centre visit yogameditationsound.com

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