How To Be Happier and In Love With Life?

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Kundalini Yoga was the game changer for me, I have honestly done a 180 and went from a lifestyle of recklessly partying every week, playing sport destructively, taking in many toxic things, average relationships, not knowing my purpose, scared of eating too much, getting drunk alot etc… to doing daily yoga, prayer, meditation, eating vegetarian, knowing what i stand for, travelling the world, not getting drunk 🙂 and following my dreams.

So what is the general cause for this misalignment? Whats one thing I have learnt?

What I can say from my experience is that society is constructed so that we are connected to something other than our self. Other than connecting to our heart, emotions, our body, our breath, our inner self – our SOUL and spirit we become consumed by the voice in our head and listen to its self destructiveness. It’s like we are cut down the middle, are pulled in either direction, our will and soul yearning for onething, while our mind urging us to do something else.
We literally feel like a failure and start to believe we are not enough. The unsatisfaction of life grows; restless, worried, confused, tense and in pain. Becasue of this void within we keep looking outside of ourselves for something to fill us up to take the pain away, for excitement, fun, a thrill, attention, sex, food, clothing, work…more more more and we become further away from our self,numb inside, like a radio station out of tune, the messages from within are dying to come through but we just cant seem to dial in to the correct frequency.

If you think of a baby, its eyes are in amazement with the world and life, its radiance is at full force. Where did that amazement for life go? Was it supposed to change into longing for something to fill us up? I don’t think so. Do you think that baby is enough, or needs improving? We need to break this cycle, this pattern, this longing for something more and realise that – a connection with SELF is what we are truly longing for.

If you look at a butterfly, bee, tree, flower… are they looking outside of themselves, comparing, judging, competing, complaining or are they simple BEING and basking in their beauty naturally sharing their energy with the eco system, contributing to the beauty, ease and grace of life?

How can you return home to yourself today? What could you do differently? Maybe its as simple as putting your hand on your heart and saying i’m here for you, i’ve got you, i will never leave you and see what happens, what message could come, what feeling may emerge? There is mystery and beauty within. We are like a pandoras box just waiting to be discovered, with so many precious gifts in every one of us. What if you turned your inner radio dial a millimeter to the left and listened for a new, clearer signal?

I invite you to come home today, to return home, be done with the endless longing for more, tap into your INNER DIAMONDS because the world is waiting for you to share them. Just like the flower shares its pollen with the bees. This planet needs needs our inner treasures more than ever.

When Princess Diana was asked “Do you think you’ll ever be queen?”, her graceful reply was “no”, “I’d like to be a queen of people’s hearts, in people’s hearts.” “I lead from the heart not the head, albeit it’s got me in trouble but someone’s gotta go out there and show it, love people”.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Tune into your original frequency, transmit a clear signal directly from the heart.

Be Bold. Be Beautiful. BE YOU.

Sat Nam,
Alexis xxxx


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