How to be in Flow?

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Do you feel like your flowing at the moment? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t and can feel tense, frustrated, anxious – just plane out of sorts and unbalanced.

My favourite song of 2016 has somehow become ‘Your Song by Elton John’ (yes an oldie!). When I listen to the song it makes me realise, we’re all longing and wanting something so simple; to feel love, to feel loved, to create our own little home or family, connect with our own tribe and with someone that respects and understands us, someone we connect with deeply from the heart. So why do we complicate life? I feel it is because we haven’t been brought up to go within, we haven’t conducted some kind of daily inner connection exercise and so the heavy influence of external distractions in this crazy world have taken a hold, and have disconnected us from our truth inside – what we are truly longing for and how we want to be.

When I look back at times I’ve not been in flow and have been feeling fearful, stressed, tense etc I can now see that everything worked out fine; I was just disconnected from truth, my heart and the love always present. I believed the feelings that arose, bought into them and kept feeding the cycle of reactivity. But what if we could develop the awareness (consciousness) to actually feel into our emotions in the moments they are arising and tune into whether or not they are patterns of reactivity or our truth in that moment? I believe we can do this and we must do this, to be free, empowered, happy and able to create our life from a place of empowerment, truth and authenticity.

So how can we Flow? How can we live from our truth? We actually have many tools and opportunities. Recently a very inspiring young man said to me ‘aren’t you scared of marriage, when you see so many falling apart’. I took a moment to see what came up and I said ‘If we choose, because we all have free will. But if we’re willing to put in some work to remain as conscious as possible, we can create heaven on earth, we can break the patterns and negative thoughts and conditioning to live empowered and successful lives. We don’t need to live in fear.’

So how can we do this?

1. Become conscious of your breath. Breathing deep within your diaphragm, slow it down – this communicates to your body and mind that you are safe, all is well, your thoughts will slow, you’ll become more aware
2. Connect to mother earth; her energy calms, cools and connects us back to our source, our self and grounds us
3. Find ways to get out of your head. Whatever exercise you really love, do that, your body will come alive
4. Listen to ‘sound healing’ songs and attend sound healing classes. The power of sound puts all your cells back into harmony and flow, just like the river flowing, our energy too starts to flow with ease and grace
5. Reduce any food that unsettles your nervous system i.e Coffee, Sugar, alcohol – general stimulants as they unsettle our whole being. If you are easily un-grounded eat grounding food I.e Root vegetables, proteins
6. Select yoga classes that make you feel both uplifted and connected within
7. Speak your truth compassionately to your partner. Fears, concerns, thoughts, ideas. Create a safe open and inspiring platform for conscious communication so you have the best opportunity to manifest the life you love and not repeat unconscious patterns
8. Dig into what beliefs you may have that aren’t serving you. I.e Marriage doesn’t work, relationships are hard, life is a struggle,I need to struggle to get ahead, there isn’t enough, bad thing’s happen to me etc…. ask yourself ‘is this true’, where did it come from? Then reflect upon the belief you would like to have.
9. Simplify and slow your life down: Less tv, gossiping, social media and more quality time, meditation, walks, beach, animals, children, family time, rest, relaxation, reading, nature, me time, self pampering, massages etc
10. Become aware of what events trigger you negatively and take you out of flow i.e An email from your boss, traffic, certain person, project, event, food, meeting new people, music, dates, social media etc Look at the past patterns of response and then feel into ‘how you would like to respond’ to each of these events, breathe into this feeling. When the event happens and you notice the pattern of response repeating, breathe deeply into your lungs and heart and calm yourself, speaking to yourself like a 5 year old child and saying ‘how would I like to feel and how would I like to respond? ‘All is well’.

It is about choosing to feel coherent emotions through our own inner work, to practice love, compassion, gratitude and to be consciously aware that when we do fall out of alignment with our true self, we let go gracefully of our ego and fears to find our balance again.

Sat Nam,
Alexis xxxx


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